Atoka Destination Suggestions

Atoka is a beautiful small town just about 40 minutes north of Memphis. While the city has no shortage of nightlife entertainment, the city’s natural side is stunning. Home to five major parks and just a few miles from the Mississippi river, there’s a lot to do for thrill seekers or hikers. In all, thanks to the city’s vibrant dining scene, its expansive parks and the great food in town, there’s plenty for a family or a group of friends to do. Whether you’re planning a bar crawl, a date at an upscale diner or a great fishing trip, Atoka has all you need.

Casa Mexicana

If you’re looking for a great Mexican restaurant in Atoka, you will not find much better than Casa Mexicana. With some of the freshest tortillas and spices around, the food here is to die for. They also have a full vegetarian menu, making this place great for the health conscious. So for a good vegetarian meal, be sure you try their vegetarian chimichangas. But there’s more than enough to keep meat lovers satisfied. From the beef burritos to the chicken and shrimp fajitas, carnivores can rejoice with the menu at Casa Mexicana.

11180 Hwy 51 S Atoka, TN 38004

(901) 837-8842

Yogurt Isle

For some great sweets, head to Yogurt Isle the first chance you get. While their yogurt flavors rotate throughout the year, crowd favorites are their tart pomegranate raspberry and their praline yogurt. But with all the fresh toppings you could ask for, anybody can make the fro-yo of their dreams. And thanks to the bakery next door, Frost, you can even order a brilliant cupcake with your meal. Considering the ambiance, this is one of Atoka’s most modern restaurants. Spacious, functional and filled with beautiful cream colors, this restaurant is a sight to behold.

11680 H Hwy 51Atoka, TN 38004

(901) 840-4590

Olympic Steak & Pizza

For all the BBQ places around, a good slice of pizza is well deserved in Atoka, and thanks to Olympic, you’ll be eating some of the best pizza in town. Here, it’s all about the deep dishes, so if you’re into melted cheese, be sure you order the House Pizza or even the Extra Cheese. But when it comes to the steak, you won’t find any better in the Memphis area. Whether you get it charbroiled, served on a sandwich or on a pizza, you can’t go wrong with this menu item. There’s also a weekend buffet, so be sure to come in on a Saturday and see everything this restaurant is great at. However, no matter the day you come you will be glad you did.

10862 Hwy 51 S Atoka, TN 38004

(901) 837-8282

The Station Bar and Grill

While the Station has an extensive beer menu, with greats like Angry Orchard and Blue Moon, the food here is the main attraction. While nearly all their menu items are fried — that’s where the fun’s at! Fried pickles, fried cheese and even some hush puppies are all the menu. But if you’re looking for something a bit lighter, you can find some great salads and even some killer omelets. For a hint: Go with the fajita omelet. Between the fresh papers and onions and the perfectly tender chicken, this dish is always a safe bet. The ambiance is pretty nice too. It’s definitely casual, but thanks to their highly amicable wait staff, it’s the perfect environment for a night out.

13274 Highway 51 S Atoka, TN 38004

(901) 840-2739

Las Margaritas

Whereas Casa Mexicana is great with all things wrapped, Las Margaritas has some great entrees. The Chile Colorado is a staple here. With just the right amount of spiciness in their savory sauce and some perfectly spiced meat, prepare yourself for a world of flavors with this dish. Some of their dishes, like the aforementioned Chile Colorado, are very authentic, this place does not rely on authenticity. Take for instance their Nachos Idaho (nachos with fried potato skins instead of chips) and their Diablo Hot Wings. As long as you have the spice, the freshness and the quality of this place, who cares about authenticity? There’s also a full bar here. Paired with that and their amazing Mexican ambiance, this place is a worthy destination for a night out.

11680 Hwy 51 S Atoka, TN 38004

(901) 840-3099

Sparky’s Pit Barbecue

And to finish, Sparky’s Pit is hands down the best BBQ place in Atoka. The sauce here is out of this world. While some places in the area rely on thick, overly sweet sauces, at Sparky’s the sauce is tangy perfection. Of course, you’ll find all sorts of BBQ staples here, like some ethereal ribs, a delicious pulled pork sandwich and amazing sides. Sparky’s is definitely a little known spot in the city, so forget your fancy ambiances and cliched Southern decor. Here, it’s all about the food. And boy oh boy do they let the food shine, and not just from the glossy array of sauces they offer. Aside from the main dishes, they also have some wonderful side dishes including French Fries and world class baked beans as shown in the above photograph.

11430 Hwy 51 S Atoka, TN 38004

(901) 837-2034

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