Memphis Destination Suggestions

Although not the capital of Tennessee, Memphis is one of the state’s hotspots for arts, food and culture. From beautiful upscale restaurants to classic American style diner, the food here is sure to please any visitor. Outside of the food and drinks, you’ll find all sorts of historic and modern attraction in this city, including beautiful music venues and a handful of museums. Whether you’re looking for great food, a great night out or a family-friendly activity, you can find it all in Memphis.

The Capital Grille

Memphis’s Capital Grille is one of the city’s hottest new restaurants. With some of the most upscale food in the city at this place, it’s perfect for gaining a taste of what Memphis has to offer. The Capital Grille has some excellent seafood dishes. The lobster mac ’n’ cheese is great for first timers, while the more adventurous will love their Chilean sea bass. They also cook up a great sirloin. Whether you’re in the mood for seafood, delectable meats or a good dessert, the Capital Grille is worth a shot. Everything on the menu is fantastic and worth a try.

6065 Poplar Ave. Memphis, TN 38119

(901) 683-9291

Rizzo’s Diner

For some great Cajun food, head to Rizzo’s as soon as possible. Once again, Memphis offers some of the best seafood around thanks to this restaurant. A huge crowd favorite here are the lobster pups, more or less a lobster tail tempura (or a corn dog if you will). They also have amazing steak dishes here. From the hanger steak to the sirloins, the steak here is to die for. And be sure you try the local favorite, their chorizo meatloaf if you’re looking for a kick. In the end, Rizzo’s proves to be an excellent example of new stye Memphis cooking in a beautiful restaurant.

492 S Main St. Memphis, TN 38103

(901) 304-6985

Gus’s World Famous Chicken

Gus’s has some of the best fried chicken in town, which is no easy task to accomplish in Memphis. While you won’t find extravagant dishes and appetizers here, this chicken is out of this world. Whether you go with the spicy or the regular, between the grease, the crunch and the super tender chicken, this place is worth every last penny. They also have some great desserts. So to wash down your spicy meal, be sure you order up their famous sweet potato pie.

310 S Front St. Memphis, TN 38103

(901) 527-4877

The Farmer

At The Farmer, you’ll find some of the freshest food in Memphis. From their salads to their burgers, everything here is as fresh as possible. Crowd favorites are their delectable salmon patties, and for vegetarians, their fried zucchini and squash dish is sure to please. The Farmer is also great for breakfast, so be sure to give their omelette dishes a try if you find yourself here early. The ambiance is great too. A little bit rustic, a little bit upscale, this restaurant is as beautiful as the food they serve.

262 S Highland St. Memphis, TN 38111

(901) 324-2221

Derae Restaurant

For a bit of the exotic, Derae Ethiopian Restaurant is sure to please. The dishes here are amazing. Most come served on top of a multitude of Ethiopian flatbreads which you use more or less as a scooper for your food. Crowd favorites here are the beef stew and the spicy chicken dish. While Gus’s is known for their fried chicken, Derae has some beautifully sautéed dishes. The ambiance here is pretty informal. With a beautiful olive green tones and a super spacious and clean diner, this restaurant is beautiful through and through. But the true winner here is all the wonderful dishes they prepare to order.

923 S Highland St. Memphis, TN 38111

(901) 552-3992

Arepa and Salsa

And to finish, let’s go with some great Hispanic food. While Arepa and Salsa mostly specializes in Colombian food — including an awesome fried plantain sandwich (the plantain serving as the bread) and some great empanadas—. you can still find all sorts of Latin American fare. The tacos here are wonderful, especially the shrimp tacos, and a beautiful Venezuelan hamburger. The ambiance is great as well, with interesting Hispanic movie posters and cute little flag toothpicks put into each dish symbolizing which country it comes from. If you’re looking for great Latin American food at great prices. Arepa and Salsa is worth a shot.

662 Madison Ave. Memphis, TN 38105

(901) 433-9980

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