Munford Destination Suggestions

One of the larger cities in Tipton County, Munford offer a lot for both residents and visitors. Visitors can take advantage of the city’s wonderful dining options, with homestyle food being the most prevalent. And with the city’s downtown area, there are tons off attractions for both residents and visitors alike. In the fall months, be on the lookout for the huge Munford Arts and Crafts Fair. And for the Fourth, this city knows how to throw a great party with their Celebrate Independence festival. At the end of the day, if you’re looking for great food, wholesome family fun and a charming small-town feel, Munford is one of Tennessee’s best cities.

JT’s Burgers & Wings

While their name is a good indication of what they do best, JT’s Burger & Wings does it all. From some healthy fresh salads to amazing seafood choices, anybody can find a good meal here. Some of the favorite dishes here are, of course, the hot wings and the grilled chicken. Whether you get it on a salad (Cheryl’s Salad), a sandwich (the Aloha) or just order it as an entree, the grilled chicken at JT’s is mouthwatering. But in all, the healthy options are what make this place so great. And seafood lovers, make sure you try their fried catfish, a local favorite.They even have a gluten-free menu for those with allergies.

76 Tabb Rd. Munford, TN 38004

(901) 837-9339


Sure, JT’s has great upscale and healthy food, but for good old home cooking in Munford, you go to Fixins. The country fried steak is without a doubt the place’s best offering. With a crispy outside and perfectly cooked and seasoned steak on the inside, this dish is a real treat. And for burgers, you’ve come across the right place. The Hangover (full of hash browns and a fried egg) is the perfect cure to a slow morning, while nearly anybody can get behind their patty melt. There are also great hot dos and even a wonderful Philly quesadilla on the menu. So no matter what type of food you’re craving, if you’re looking for a filling, delicious meal, head to Fixins ASAP.

45 Reeder Ave. Munford, TN 38058

(901) 840-4490

Mandarin Wok

For great Chinese food in Munford, look no further than Mandarin Wok. Everything from their Mongolian Beef to their spring rolls are amazing. If you’re looking for a little spiciness, be sure you try their Szechuan Chicken (much spicier than the Szechuan Beef). They’re great with soups too. The Hot and Sour is an easy crowd favorite, and the egg drop soup is perfect. All together, between the super friendly waitstaff, the involved managers and the superbly clean diner, the ambiance here is marvelous.

526 Munford Ave. Munford, TN 38058

(901) 840-4888

State Line Seafood

Now that we’ve got hamburgers, steak and chicken wings covered, anybody in the mood for seafood? Thanks to State Line, you don’t have to go far for a great seafood meal. The shrimp here is the main attraction — just make sure you order it spicy like the regulars. Other crowd favorites at State Line is their catfish platter and their calamari. But if you like a great fish filet sandwich, now you know where to go. The ambiance is pretty calming here. The lighting is dim, and the red walls give it a slightly intimate feel.

225 Munford Ave. Munford, TN 38058

(901) 837-0009

Sakura Garden

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for great Japanese food in Munford, you’ll have to travel out of town to Atoka. But it’s well worth the trip if you like great sushi. The Lobster King Roll is out of this world, and the lobster is super fresh too. There are also all sorts of traditional Japanese entrees here. For hibachi, you won’t find better than Sakura. Whether you go for the steak, chicken or even the salmon, you will not be disappointed. In fact, this place is great with salmon, so make sure you try the salmon sushi rolls and the salmon nigiri. The ambiance here is definitely upscale. With a beautiful bar and very vibrant lighting, this place makes for a great night out.

11680 Hwy 51 S Atoka, TN 38004

(901) 837-8800

Wyatt Earp’s Sports Grill

Great upscale bar food? Check. Expansive drink menu? Double check. Sports? Triple check. With all these offerings, Wyatt Earp’s is one of Munford’s hottest bars. The ambiance here is wonderful too. While most bars go for a dim atmosphere, Wyatt Earp’s is super bright, from the beautifully polished tables and bar to the old-school wood paneling. But the food here is what makes this place shine. The ribeye steak is mouthwatering perfection, and they serve a great fettuccine Alfredo. Best of all, this place is as easy on the wallet as it is on the eyes. So if you’re looking for a great night out without breaking the bank, this bar is your best bet.

120 Quinton Dr, Munford, TN 38058

(901) 837-7725

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