Oakland Destination Suggestions

Tracing its history back to 1830 as a one-house city, Oakland has come a long way from its humble past. Located just 45 minutes east of Memphis, this city is still considered part of the Memphis Metro area. But today, Oakland is the Tennessee’s fastest growing city, seeing over a 415% increase in its population since 2000. And it’s easy to see why. This town is gorgeous. From the beautiful rivers and creeks that flow through town to their active downtown area, this city is definitely going places in the future. If you’re looking for some great Memphis stye BBQ, Oakland is the best city you’ll find outside of Memphis.

J-Bo’s Wings & Things

While the Memphis area is packed with old-fashioned BBQ fare like ribs and pulled pork, J-Bo’s offers a little of variety with their amazing hot wings. If you like spicy, you cannot miss your chance to come here. Even if you get the mild wings, you’re in for a real treat. While there are very few healthy options on their menu, the food here is totally filling. And thanks to the super friendly waitstaff, the beautiful, clean interior and the generous portion sizes, this place sets the bar for “Southern hospitality”.

7044 Hwy 64 Oakland, TN 38060

(901) 235-6467

Brad’s Bar-B-Q

Brad’s is hands down the best BBQ place in the Memphis area, which is no easy task to complete. Thanks to their mouthwatering pull pork sandwiches, their world class ribs and the beautiful work of art they call their brisket. However, the sauce is what drives people in here. Tangy with just a little bit of sweetness and spiciness, this sauce is what makes the food. But if you aren’t big on spice, you can find all sorts of salads and sandwiches here along with some amazing sides.

6540 Highway 64 Oakland, TN 38060

(901) 466-0545

Loven-Fresh Smokehouse Barbecue

Serving some of the two best specialties known to man — BBQ and sweets — Loven-Fresh is a marvel amongst restaurants. Be sure to try their BBQ shoulder sandwich. Filled to the max with some of the best pork meat in town, slathered in their house sauce and topped with coleslaw, this sandwich is an easy crowd favorite. While the pulled pork is one of the most popular things on the menu, there are all sorts of BBQ chicken dishes. While the sweets menu is ever changing, be on the look out for their banana nut fruit cake. However, their staples are always around.

8305 Hwy 64 Oakland, TN 38060

(901) 465-6568

Tres Tacos

Now that we have all the great BBQ offerings in Oakland out of the way, let’s move on to Mexican, shall we? At Tres Tacos, you’ll find some of the best tapas you can find. Run by two brother from Mexico City, the food here is pretty authentic Mexican street food. The empanadas are out of this world, and the tamales are just as good. However, their menu changes quiet often — ensuring optimal freshness —, so be on the lookout for some new and exciting dishes. However, keep your eyes peeled for their chorizo tacos. They’re in a class of their own.

7020 US Hwy 64 Oakland, TN 38060

(901) 466-1071

Huddle House

With all these upscale BBQ and Mexican places in town, you’d think a good, inexpensive meal is out of the question. Luckily, the Huddle House is in town. Here you’ll find some amazing homestyle hamburgers and a wonderful Salisbury Steak dish. Huddle House is also a solid choice for breakfast. With their omelettes, there’s something here for egg lovers of any kind. Their Western Omelette is totally filling, while their Garden Omelette still satisfies yet remains a lighter option. And with their stuffed hash browns, the same goes for potato lovers.

6300 US-64, Oakland, TN 38060

(901) 465-8328


Margaritas is Oakland’s premier Mexican restaurant. From the tacos and burritos to the Mexican specialties and the eponymous margaritas, this place is well worth the trip. Crowd favorites here are their chips and salsa (yes, they’re really that good), the pineapple fajitas, and without a doubt, their chile rellenos (stuffed chile pepper). Best of all, the portions here are huge, so make sure you come in on an empty stomach. Thanks to the beautiful traditional decor and the super friendly waitstaff, the ambiance of this place gets five stars along with their food.

7330 Hwy 64 Oakland, TN 38060

(901) 465-7555

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