Randolph Destination Suggestions

A rural unincorporated community located in Tipton County, Tennesee, Randolph is located on the banks of the Mississippi River and was founded in the 1820s. It is the home of the first Confederate States Army fort. It features the historic Randolph Bluff Historic Park which is intended to promote the Civil War history of the community and to show of the unique views of the Mississippi River. They feature several chuches such as the Randolph United Methodist Church and the Randolph Assembly of God. While you are in the Randolph area you will surely work up an appetite so here are some of our favorite place sin the Randolph area to grab some food!

Mandarin Wok

If you are looking for a place in the Randolph area to pick up some truly delicious, authentic Chinese food then you need look no further than Mandarin Wok. They have some truly amazing Chinese food that you will swear by. They have all of your classic Chinese favorites such as sweet and sour chicken and shrimp fried rice. If you want a restaurant that has a great atmosphere and service that is beyond compare then you simply must try out Mandarin Wok. We find ourselves thoroughly impressed with each visit we make to Mandarin Wok.

526 Munford Ave, Munford, TN 38058


Kobe Japanese Cuisine

We highly recommend Kobe Japanese Cuisine. They offer some amazing Japanese cuisine that is always fresh and created with ingredients that are of the highest possible quality. They have all of your favorite Japanese dishes such as hibachi chicken and hibachi shrimp and some truly amazing sushi selections that will keep you coming back again and again. The service is always extremely friendly and they take great pride in the appearance of their establishment and they are always cooking their meals to satisfy.

8510 Wilkinsville Rd Ste 108, Millington, TN 38053


Sparky's Pit Barbeque

Sparky's Pit Barbeque might not be a whole lot to look at from the outside, but once you walk through their doors you will understand why it is one of the most renowned barbeque joints in the whole Memphis area! Their aromas are intoxicating, and the interior decor is extremely charming and simple. The food itself is simply amazing and cooked to perfection. The ribs are fall off the bone and the pulled pork has been cooked for 24 hours prior to being served. This means that it has that delicious, smoky flavor and is juicy and tender just like you love it! Sparky's Pit Barbeque is the place to go in the Randolph area for some delicious barbeque.

11430 Hwy 51 S, Atoka, TN 38004


El Mezcal

If you are a fan of authentic Mexican food then you need look no further than El Mexcal in the Randolph area for a great example of how good authentic Mexican food can be. They have all of your favorite traditional Mexican meals at this remarkable locally owned and operated establishment. Their menu is widely extensive with tacos, burritos, fajitas, and more. Their atmosphere is clean and always festive. The service will have you reeling and they will hold up a conversation with you and make you feel welcome every single time. This place is a great wonder and we will always come back here when we are craving Mexican food in the Randolph area.

8834 Hwy 51 N, Millington, TN 38053


State Line Seafood

If you are a fan of delicious, fresh seafood then State Line Seafood on Munford Avenue is a great place to go to. They have daily shipments of seafood to ensure that each and every meal that they serve is fresh and cooked to perfection. They employ great techniques that have been passed down for generations. We can't help but try everything on the menu when we go there. It is simply too good! Their menu isn't too good so it makes it doable. Their prices are extremely reasonable, especially for how generous their portions are and how good the quality of the food is! This is the place to go for delicious, fresh seafood in the Randolph area.

225 Munford Ave, Munford, TN 38058


The Wilson Cafe

The Wilson Cafe is a remarkably nice upscale establishment right off of the interstate that isn't too far away from Randolph, even though it is across state lines. It is definitely worth the drive though because it is simply remarkable. The guacamole burger is absoltuely amazing. The staff is always extremely professional and knowledgeable about every aspect of the business that they specialize in. The prices are also extremely reasonable and might surprise how low they are. This is a great place to bring the family for a meal and is even a great place to bring a date out because of how nice the atmosphere is.

2 N Jefferson St, Wilson, AR 72395


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