Somerville Destination Suggestions

Somerville, TN is a charming town not far from Memphis. Thanks to the culture exchanges between the two towns, you can expect a lot of entertainment in Somerville. From some of the best Southern food on its side of the Mississippi to amazing sightseeing opportunities, this town can keep anybody busy for a day or two. With a population of slightly more than 3,000, Somerville retains is small-town charm while still offering some big city amenities like you’ll find in Memphis. Come for a night out, come for a great meal or just come to kill some time — whichever you choose, your night in Somerville is sure to be a blast.

The Hut

With a specialty of nothing more than good old Southern cooking, the Hut is one of Somerville’s best restaurants. Whether you like a little bit of BBQ, some spicy food or even a mean salad, this restaurant has you covered. The crowd favorite here is definitely the pulled pork sandwich, which just the right amount of BBQ sauce (unlike other places). However, if you’re looking for something light, their salad bar is perfect. The ambiance here is nothing special, although it definitely has an old-school feel to it. That and the amazing waitstaff make this restaurant a cozy little diner.

16920 Us Hwy 64 Somerville, TN 38068

(901) 465-8988

Barbecue Store

In a city like Memphis, expect tons of great BBQ food, and the Barbecue Store is no exception. While the Hut specializes is pulled pork and lighter fare, you go to the Barbecue Store for some great ribs. Unlike other places in town, the ribs have the perfect amount of BBQ sauce. But at any rate, the pulled pork here is just as great. Thanks to the amazing coleslaw you can order it with, this sandwich will wow you. The sides here are really good too, especially the baked beans. While the ambiance is nothing over the top, the waitstaff and highly involved owner is what makes this place.

17190 US Hwy 64 Somerville, TN 38068

(901) 466-0228

Sling Shot Charlie’s

While it isn’t located in Somerville proper, Sling Shot Charlie’s is worth the trip out to Arlington. Straying away from the BBQ fare, Sling Shot Charlie’s cooks some great homestyle food. Whether you’re in the mood for a pork loin with some decadent mashed potatoes or even a chicken sandwich, you can find just what you’re hankering for here. A crowd favorite is their Mexican cornbread, so be sure to order a slice or two and see what the rage is all about. The ambiance here is beautiful. Thanks to their olive walls and the wall art the fills the walls, this place is certainly interesting to say the least.

1790 Hwy 70 Arlington, TN 38002

(901) 687-3030

Milano’s Pizza

A great slice of pizza can be a well deserved change of pace. And at Milano’s there’s nothing holding you back from that goal. With the freshest pizza sauce in Tennessee and some of the crunchiest pizza crust you could ask for, one bite of this pizza and you’ll be flooded with images of Italy. But of course, there’s no shortage of BBQ food here. Pulled pork, hot links and chicken wings make up this part of the menu. The ambiance here is surprisingly upscale, thanks to their comfortable booth setting and the beautiful artwork and sculptures that fill the restaurant.

16335 US Hwy 64 Somerville, TN 38068

(901) 466-1711

King of Wings

In all honesty, while Milano’s serves some great chicken wings, they’re no match for the wings you’ll find at King of Wings. The wings here are huge and packed with flavor. If you’re looking for spicy, you can find a few variants here. From their hot wings to their tangy lemon pepper wings, the flavors coming out of this restaurant will have you in awe. Thanks to the awesome waitstaff and the eclectic interior, the ambiance of King of Wings is fit for a king.

50 N Somerville St. Somerville, TN 38068

(901) 466-0303

El Nopal Mexican Restaurant

And finally, a little bit of Mexican food never hurt anybody. Luckily, Somerville is home to one of the area’s best — El Napol. Here, you’ll find some stellar tacos and all sorts of burritos, chimichangas and fajitas. If you’re looking to do like the locals, be sure you try their El Nopal steak dish with a mouthwatering salsa verde and fried beans. And best of all, El Nopal is fun for the whole family. With coloring books and crayons for kids and an extensive alcohol menu, this place is perfect for a night out in Somerville.

7700 Highway 64 Oakland, TN 38060

(901) 466-7020

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