Williston Destination Suggestions

Williston, Tennessee is a relatively small community in the Fayette County, Tennesee area with a population of just under 400. Although they are a relatively small community, they have a great amount of history and character in each and every inch of their community. Driving or walking through Williston will feel like you're walking through history, with their untouched architecture of the old days, historic water tower, and extremely hospitable population, Williston is a wonderful place to visit. While you are in the area, we strongly suggest you check out the following restaurants when you work up an appetite.

The Hut

Many in the Williston area will frequently refer to The Hut as the best barbecue around, which is a pretty impressive feat, all things considered. They have some amazing catfish that you simply must try and fall off the bone ribs that you will absolutely love. They are a family owned and operated diner right off of US Highway 64 and they are extremely personable. They have established themselves as a staple in the Williston area and they are greatly proud of that fact. The Hut is a place that you simply must try when you are around.

16920 US Hwy 64, Somerville, Tn 38068


Barbecue Store

The Barbecue Store is an excellent little barbecue shop that you will be sure to absolutely love. They have amazing old fashioned smoked pulled pork sandwiches and the ribs will leave your mouth watering even after you have left. The ribs are Virginia "dry" ribs which you might not be used to in this area, but trust us when we say that you simply must try them! And if you're not liking the dryness of the ribs, you can always pour some sauce over them! We strongly recommend the Barbecue Store for a nice, simple experience that can't be beat!

17190 US Hwy 64, Somerville, TN 38068


Milano's Pizza

Milano's Pizza is an excellent pizza place that many people of the Williston area will have no problem telling you is their favorite place to grab pizza in the area. This is a very good distinction to have, and it is very true in our opinion. They simply have some amazing pies that you will not want to pass up on. With delicious ingredients that are always fresh and techniques that can only be described as "brilliant", Milano's Pizza is a win in every direction, without a doubt. If you don't believe us then you best just head over to Milano's Pizza as soon as possible so you can find out for yourself!

16335 US Hwy 64, Somerville, TN 38068


Jalapeños Authentic Mexican Grill

If you are looking for a truly authentic place to grab some delicoiius Mexican food in the Williston area then you need look no further than Jalapeno's Authentic Mexican Grill. They have all of your traditional Mexican favorites cooked with fresh ingredients that are always fresh and amazing. The service there is always remarkable and personable. You will never have a hard time finding something that you love at Jalapeno's. When you head to Jalapeno's you will be blown away by the authentic and festive atmosphere. We can't recommend Jalapeno's Authentic Mexican Grill and we are confident that you will have a remarkable experience every single time.

17190 Hwy 64, Somerville, TN 38068


Street Tacos

Don't be deceived by the fact that Street Tacos is located inside of a gas station. They are simply amazing in every way possible. They provide authentic Mexican comfort food and street tacos that you simply must try. They offer traditional recipes that you can only get in Mexico, but they also feature unique spins on the whole formula that you simply must try. They have incredibly reasonable prices and portions that will be sure to fill you up every single time. Street Tacos also has a staff that is extremely personable and that you will want to stay and talk to for hours. They are seriously that good in every way!

7020 US Hwy 64, Oakland, TN 38060


Wholly Cow

Wholly Cow has been widely considered by many to be the best cheeseburger in the Fayette County area without a doubt. Their burgers taste like the old fashioned burgers back from the 1950's. They have smooth tasting cheese and condiments that are perfectly fitting. We strongly recommend that you get the burger with everything on it to get the full and complete experience. Don't forget to add a plate of crispy, perfectly cooked french fries and a drink! They have extremely friendly service and the meals are all extremely reasonably priced. We can't recommend Wholly Cow enough, it'll set your hearts aflame!

15830 Highway 57, Moscow, TN 38057


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